Monday, November 7, 2011

Kate Middleton Style

As much as I cringe about paparazzi (or stalkarazzi as they are sometimes called, for obvious reasons) following Kate Middleton everywhere, I realize we all love to read about her and see her pictures. I look forward to see what she is wearing and she never disappoints! She has a charm about herself, an unstated elegance and class that has taken the whole world (or at least the style enthusiasts) by a storm. From her gorgeous outfits to her ever smiling face, she is the real style-princess! And here are the seven reasons I really love her -

1.She can rock any hat - and its no easy task! Whether its a super-sized wide brimmed hat or feathery whimsical creation - she looks beautiful in every one of them!

2. She looks so very mod in structured outfits - Kate gives the face-lift to the age old skirt suit, and brings another level of sophistication to dresses with tailored jackets!

3. She looks ladylike - In the shimmery, silky gowns worthy of a Princess, Kate looks svelte and beautiful!

4. And she also looks Chic in jean and boots too - Kate looks so very put together and chic in casual outfits whether denim and flats, or riding boots and skirts! The sale of knee high "Kate-like" boots in England recently shot up a whooping 663%!!

5. She brings class to the summer dresses - Whether its a wrap dress or a pretty flower print midi, Kate looks at ease and oh-so-refreshing in it!

6. Always shining - her crowning glory!! - With soft waves and smooth curls, her silky tresses are always a sight to behold!!!

7. She has a warmth about herself - Kate is not afraid of letting her hair down, and have some fun! She has been a crowd pleaser in any public event she has attended!

I think you can safely say she is truly Princess Diana's style-heir! Hail the future

I wish future Queen of England all the best!

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