Sunday, November 13, 2011

William - Kate Haunted by The Curse of Kensington Palace

William - Kate Haunted by The Curse of Castle KensingtonSepertinya not be doubted if the old buildings in the UK is quite mysterious. One of them is Kensington Palace inhabited by Prince William and Kate Middleton. Does not haunted, just cursed!

When Kate and William decided to move to Kensington Palace, many are so surprised, associated with 'bad name' that carried this beautiful building. Over the past 320 years, every inch of the walls, courtyards and corridors are stained various tragic tragedy, especially that befell the princess who lived in this palace.

According to the chief curator of Historic Royal Palaces, Lucy Worsley, there are at least seven women who had ended with the fate of the 'sad, bad, or even crazy'. Because of this, Kensington Palace was mentioned condemned by many parties.

Wife of George II, Queen Caroline, had suffered a tragic fate when I lived in this palace. After giving birth eighth child, Caroline extremely ill, which was caused by a hernia. Although surrounded by doctors, they can not examine it in detail because it will be deemed offensive to dignity of a queen.

Therefore, they decided to cut the protruding part of the hernia Caroline, who also could not save his life. Eight days later, she died in his sleep, precisely in the year 1737.

Earlier in the year 1690, William III and Queen Mary moved to the palace which was mentioned as a place to heal itself without drugs, for good air circulation. But no luck for Mary because soon, he suffered from chicken pox and died within a week at the age of 32 years still.

The curse did not end until Kensington Palace here, because after William III died, he was succeeded by Queen Anne, who married George of Denmark. One drawback of George of Denmark is his boring in bed, which was expressed by Anne.

Although not like her husband, Anne was pregnant 17 times to get the heir to the throne. Unfortunately, none of their children can reach adulthood. Some died in the womb, some died after being born, and several others died at the age of five due to chicken pox. Who lived the longest was William, who survived until the age of 11 years. His mother was followed 14 years later, with deep sorrow and heartbreak.

After that tragic story occurred in 1796, the Princess Charlotte. Charlotte is the daughter of George IV, who hated the mother Charlotte. Even so, the father was very fond of his daughter, to marry her off to Prince Leopold in a lavish wedding party. Unfortunately, the curse is not over because Charlotte died a year earlier at age 21, two days after giving birth to a son.

Several other women, including Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, while living alone in this palace. The news mentions that the daughter is often called the rebels are only accompanied by a ghost called the "mysterious lady in blue '.

Finally, none other than Princess Diana, Prince William's mother who died tragically in a car accident. Not only that, Diana, who also lived in this palace when married to Charles, was touted never known love in his marriage.

Prince William and Kate herself was busy rearranging the palace with a budget of £ 1 million. Hopefully, this can not only change the appearance of the palace, but also abolished the curse ya! Do not let deh Kate got the same bad luck!

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